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All the latest on micromobility in the UK and across Europe.

Welcome to Scooter Town Two: Milton Keynes

There’s no going round in circles for Milton Keynes over e-scooters. The town, famed for its roundabouts, this week becomes only the second in the UK to launch an electric scooter programme. Meanwhile, the government reveals ambitious plans to fund, assess and improve cycling infrastructure.

Britain’s first electric scooter trial rolls out

Micromobility headlines in the UK this week are dominated by electric scooters, as the country’s first shared e-scooter pilot programme gets going and the government publishes general guidance for users.

Electric scooters legalised (for shared use)

It’s a landmark week for UK micromobility as the law is changed to usher in electric scooters for DfT trials. Elsewhere, Manchester’s first-of-its-kind junction opens and plans for an electric scooter racing series are announced.