On Deck

All the latest on micromobility in the UK and across Europe.

Big, bigger, biggest: more trial locations coming on-stream as London project takes shape

As well as tons of news about e-scooter launches and programmes in the works, we explain who’s insuring whom when it comes to e-scooters; pinpoint 10 historic hidden-gem low-traffic neighbourhoods; take a Beryl e-scooter for a lovely little test-ride in Norwich; and gleefully shoehorn in multiple Partridge and Beatles references. OH – and an update on a London e-scooter trial.

Norwich ushers in a world-first micromobility system to cut congestion and pollution

Another week, another world-first for British micromobility, thanks to Beryl. Plus: Coventry’s incredible scooter success; Bolt’s fast-track carbon-cutting programme; why number plates are a poor substitute for education and collaboration; and your favourite micromobility editorial source releases a rather nifty film trailer.

Shire-folk choose scooters

The inexorable wave of micromobility rolls across several shires this week as e-scooters roll into three towns in Staffordshire and Buckinghamshire; two towns confirm scooter providers, in Yorkshire and Worcestershire. Elsewhere, Essex reveals plans to run six different projects, and Coventry hiccups. It’s not quite Tolkien but it has been a busy week for electric scooters.

Launch, launch, launch: e-scooter trials begin in five towns

Much ado about micromobility in the UK this week, including: Spin and Lime go live in Milton Keynes; Ginger heads to Hartlepool and Redcar; Voi springs an early morning surprise with Northampton and Kettering; Tier’s London bash; and Beryl announces a tri-modal programme for Norwich. Phew.