We're passionate about shared spaces that put people first and how technology can improve our world.

Tom Seymour


Working as a B2B journalist specialising in the transport sector for almost two decades, Tom has contributed to numerous automotive, finance and smart mobility publications during his career. Tom wants to hear from all voices across the industry on how micromobility can be a force for change in rewriting the way we think about transport in our towns and cities.

Oliver O'Brien

Data and bike-share

Interpreting data is critical to shaping tomorrow’s mobility. As a researcher, data scientist and writer, Oliver has spent a decade tracking, mapping and analysing bike-share and shared scooter programmes around the world.

Laura Laker


A journalist, podcaster and active travel advocate, Laura writes regularly for The Guardian on cycling – among other notable publications – while her expertise has made her invaluable as a guest on BBC and Sky television.