scooters + the roads they ride

What is Zag?

Zag is a fresh look at micromobility and urban design.

Principally, we focus on electric scooter programmes used as transport and how roads can be better built for riders.

We also explore related societal, technological and geographical subjects. We write about (and photograph and film) things we believe in.

Zag is published by Patterrn and is hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy.

Things we believe in

The hideous effects of climate change, polluted air and road fatalities can be alleviated right now through mass implementation and adoption of low-carbon transport and technology

Inclusive infrastructure must be a non-negotiable, baked-in design foundation at all scales to achieve truly people-first spaces

Today is the right time to be daring, bold and imaginative in how we shape our tomorrow – and that journey can be all kinds of fun

Moreover, we believe that routes through urban spaces for walkers, skaters, cyclists and micromobility riders should be unapologetically direct, so that these vulnerable and good-for-the-planet road users never again have to mind the zag.

The Team


Will Dodds


Laura Laker

Features, infrastructure

Oliver O’Brien

Data analysis, bike-share


Adam Pigott

United Kingdom


Marta Rovatti Studihrad



Filip Gierlinkski

United Kingdom


Sean Montgomery



Taylor Robbins



Peter Minnig

United Kingdom


Michael Eschylle





Alice Holloway

Public relations

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