“We want to know if e-scooters can be a genuine alternative to cars”

London e-scooter trial

Transport for London e-scooter lead Helen Sharp speaks to Zag about the process of selecting operators for the London trials and how TfL is working to raise standards and improve the service. Zag: To begin with, what are your general impressions of the London shared e-scooter trials so far? Helen Sharp: “We are now starting […]

Mapped: Some of the biggest e-scooter networks across Europe

Lime e-scooter

Across Europe, a number of cities with e-scooter sharing schemes publish open data on the locations of e-scooters waiting to be hired. Why is this a good thing? There are two main reasons. Firstly, it allows for public scrutiny into how the street space is used and how the fleets are operating. Secondly, it encourages […]

European update: 360,000 e-scooters available across the continent

Tier Paris

Zag has been looking across Europe this week in order to understand how large the shared e-scooter market is on the continent. Our snapshot includes all the major pan-Europe operators, as well as one-country operators that have a large nationwide market share. We have generally not included one-city operators because there are a great many […]

Exclusive: Shell to install e-scooter charging hubs in forecourts


Shell is set to become the first oil company in the world to install e-scooter charging hubs in its forecourts. Charging station operator Swiftmile has partnered with Shell to install Recharge micromobility hubs at retail stations and garages throughout Berlin this summer. While Shell already supplies EV fast chargers for battery electric cars at its […]

Overusing the map – Geofencing issues in London

One issue that shared e-scooter riders in London face is navigating the map of the operating zone – both working out their allowed route using the smartphone apps, but also in the way their vehicle responds during their journey. London’s zone has a “patchwork quilt” of slow-speed zones, out-of-bounds zones and parking blocks – collectively […]

London Trials: What We’ve Learned so Far

Almost a year after the first UK e-scooter sharing trial launched in Middlesbrough, and with similar operations having launched in 50 other towns and cities since, the capital finally gets its turn. Three operators launched in parts of London on Monday: Tier, Lime and Dott.  We’ve tested the e-scooters and have analysed the data. This […]